Methods To Reach Home

by Be The Blame

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The debut album from pop punk act Be The Blame will send you through a rollercoaster of emotions. This album has it all -- from toilet-bowl and dark humor, to anthems of hope and recovery, and to, of course, songs about exes and hating everyone -- and your head will be bobbing while you're tapping your foot, guaranteed. Purchase 'Methods To Reach Home' for only $5 today!

Disclaimer: explicit lyrics used in tracks 5, 7, 8


released May 13, 2016

Be The Blame is:
Isaac Dagesse (guitar/vocals)
Vincent Perkins (bass/vocals)
Jared Hazelton (drums)

Produced by Be The Blame

Mixed/mastered by Tyler Chase

Recorded at Tiny Room Studios

Special thanks to Carter Norheim of Shatterbox for making a cameo on "Dammit You Came Home," as well as Jeremy Urtz from Voices In Vain making a cameo on "It's The Culture"



all rights reserved


Be The Blame Saint Johnsbury, Vermont

Alternative band from New Hampshire/Vermont
Jared plays drums
Vincent plays bass
Isaac plays guitar

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Track Name: Cheaters Never Win
Why am I here, what's this all about, I'm trying to find, find my way out, this is a mess, that I know, I can't leave now I've got no place to go
Win or lose you're never gonna prove and everywhere you go everyone will know
You weren't true you some how made it threw, and as they all say
Cheaters never win
I so hate this place, it's been to many days, feels like such a waste, just need some more space, the only thing I fear, is that you are near, never shed a tear, at least never here
Track Name: Sexuality Is A Popularity Contest
You don't know what to feel, cause you're not even real, they'll find you out one day and you won't know what to say, it's only to be cool, you're never gonna fool, we know you're just a fake, there's nothing you can take
Gender doesn't determine who you are
Stop hiding behind your screen name
Hiding who you are won't serve you well
Wasting your years it's such a shame
So many weeks go by, you think you're oh so sly, posing as you are, you've never gotten this far, you act so obscene, call all the others mean, you're living in a lie, that you'll soon kiss goodbye
Another day
Another lie
When will you realize
Track Name: Running In Circles
All the days go by, seven times I've tried, to escape this burning town, but it always gets me down, my life is such a bore, don't want it anymore, I struggle to move on, I wish it was all gone
I'm running in circles, it feels like such a fight
I'm running in circles, just to get to the light
This life just keeps on killing me, I need to get it right
I'm running in circles
I think I've lost my mind, I know that I can't find, any reason at all, I always seem to fall, I'm ready to give in, I need someone to win, I'm looking pass the end, I'm never gonna bend
Bridges will burn and people will die
If we stick together we'll make it through the night
We'll laugh again one day, if we push with all our might
We're running
Track Name: Dammit You Came Home (ft. Carter Norheim)
Another day stuck in this hell, and I have no stories left to tell, I wish you would just leave me alone, you're presence is shearing to the bone
I don't want things to end up this way
I don't wanna be stuck here with you
Forcing the smile on my face, it's something that I cannot replace, I wish someone would save me, but everyone, just leaves me be
Track Name: Methods To Reach Home, Part 1
It's 4 am and all I can think about is your voice, I wish these thoughts in my head came with a choice, it's been several days since I've seen your face, every day without you feels so out of place
We said forever but I'm starting to give up
A game of running circles and pure fucking luck
I remember the day when we came to a stop
I miss you and you miss me but fate said enough
The curb felt so nice when you turned me down, throughout the cold and ice our flowers dyed to brown, I can't go back there now I remember where we sat, our time is over now and there's no going back
Track Name: Open Book
You and me we go up and down, we yell and we slow down, knowing me isn't so simple, you'll have to get to know, all of my faults and screws, I never know when to tell you whats coming up
At the end of the day I'm just an open book read past my cover
You can have a look stay for awhile see what you truly meant to me
Our match was based off circumstance, a random occurrence, mistake I'll soon forget, I have been living with no consequence, you never appealed to me, you're just a disease, you were the remedy for something that I took for a pending need
Track Name: Passive Aggressive Sticky Notes
Nostalgia holds me in the palm of it's hand, thinking of you, and me again, now deja vu is eating me inside
These steps are
The misery's proceeded
She's a mistake, I'll leave behind
I told you, she does this
Now you're names on her list
But don't worry, there's always next time
The Curriers(couriers, sorry) and messengers, they cheat and they lie
Tales of false hope, and alibis, this time, I won't be compromised
Now open up my eyes, so me the bullshit you hid inside
I can't take this anymore, I won't lie dead on the floor
So tell me, if you want me, I'll be here, to show you, that one day, you'll need me, and that day, will come soon
Track Name: Blacklisted
It started when the moon came up, and my pants went down, the neighbors where up, and they heard my sounds, being blacklisted was the least of my worries, when I had to get my pants on in a hurry
The first thing you learn is to tie your laces
There's no having fun in public places
Director will say to cut in places
Tying loose ends over my vacation
My ass is my most prized possession
My go-to weapon in altercations
A way to end most conversations
having fun's not an invocation
He was knocking on the door real loud, we knew his head was in the clouds, he was just a freak, he never let us speak, this guy was a fake that made up all the rules, when it all came down no one was fooled
Track Name: Face Value
I meant to call but my voice is failing, record scratching, the dark is scary, losing sleep tonight because my sheep are dying, eyes are drying, not yet crying, this dreams forecast is ever so haunting, slightly depressing, not what I wanted, calls reach out in no direction, lack of profession, where's all the commitment
You never got a chance to say hello
I colored all my dreams in indigo
This was meant to be taken at face value, but I can't cite the things I'm supposed to do
A half full glass of useless woes, I miss the days over the telephone
A token of gratitude, please take it at, face value
I meant to call but my hands are freezing, fears are screeching, screaming freely, losing sleep because my blankets shrinking, body's aching, closets haunting
"I remember when, things were so simple, but now we've just become, two different people"(Tyler's line)
Track Name: Methods To Reach Home, Part 2
It's 4 A.M. and all I can think about is your voice, I wish they thoughts in my head came with a choice, now I'm all alone, thinking of what I should have said, I'll carry these regrets with me, until I am dead
I'm trying to find a way
To reach out to you
But this task has proven difficult, and I'm not sure what to do
It seems as if back home, is so far away
When I wanted to move on, you wanted to stay
While my life flipped upside down, your's stayed the same
Your heart belongs in the Northeast Kingdom, and that's not worth any blame
Track Name: Cliches
Forget everything I said
You were just a rush of blood to the head
Everything we did six months ago
made me realize you had to go
You look at me like I'm a mistake
And I went too far with every chance I would take
But now here we are
I'm glad this never went far

I'm just a cliche filled with hooks and rhymes
But my notes never seem to hit on time
This song is dedicated to the girl
that left me in a twirl

Another day I'm a hypocrite, you caught me red handed, if you let me explain things weren't meant to turn out this way, this song isn't about a girl, or how she put me in a twirl, I'm just trying to create, a song to explain
Track Name: It's The Culture (ft. Jeremy Urtz)

I'm so sick of wandering this town, wondering where you are, raising all hell trying to find you only, to find you not so far, smoking(...) in the air of this dirty old town, one more night like this and they're gonna take you down
As you come and go you leave without a trace
When you come back I see it on your face
Why do we do this every single night